Posted: 16.02.2024 10:49:00

Golovchenko chairs 1st meeting of republican organising committee for preparation and holding of seventh Belarusian People’s Congress

Belarusians have supported the proposal to constitutionally consolidate the status of the Belarusian People’s Congress during the nationwide referendum, systematically determining the strategic directions for the development of society and the state, while ensuring the inviolability of the constitutional system and civil harmony in the country – as stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at a meeting of the republican organising committee for the preparation and holding of the seventh Belarusian People’s Congress

The Head of Government noted that compared to the Parliament of Belarus, the Belarusian People’s Congress is a larger institution, “A considerable number of citizens – representing the entire social structure of society as delegates – will become participants, in a new capacity, in a complex and multifaceted progressive process of state building and management.”

According to him, this landmark democratic transformation is especially important now, during a period of generational change and in the context of consolidating efforts aimed at countering the entire range of threats to national security, “In line with the President’s decision, an organising committee was set up – in the format of which we gathered today for the first meeting – aiming to settle a set of issues related to ensuring the functioning of the highest representative body of democracy. The key task is to organise the 1st meeting of the Belarusian People’s Congress in the new status at the highest level. As you understand, it is not the first in itself, but the first in a constitutional status.”

Roman Golovchenko expressed confidence that through the joint efforts of interested government bodies, the task set by the President will be completed on time and in full, “We have such experience. Moreover, in resolving certain issues, much is clear, taking into account their preliminary study and agreement with the Head of State.”