Posted: 30.01.2023 16:08:00

French strike against pension reform to involve transport, universities and refineries

A nationwide strike against pension reform will be held in France on January 31st, gathering postmen, teachers, workers of oil refineries, as well as employees of city authorities and the transport sector, the BFM TV channel reports


It is noted that trade unions have called on employees of oil refineries to reduce fuel production and prevent its transportation. The authorities of French cities will not stand aside as well: as a sign of solidarity with the protesters, the doors to the Paris City Hall will be ‘symbolically closed’.

In addition, the strike will seriously affect the transport system of France: only every third high-speed TGV train and every tenth regional train will service the route. The Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport will, in turn, cancel every fifth flight.

Earlier, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented a draft pension reform, and the authorities will raise the retirement age by three months a year from September 1st, 2023. As a result, it will reach 64 by 2030. Many French already protested; on January 19th alone, more than a million citizens participated in protests in the country.