Posted: 18.01.2024 09:52:00

French politician urged to dissolve NATO because of Germany's preparations for conflict with Russia

The leader of The Patriots party, Florian Philippot, called on the French authorities to withdraw from NATO or dissolve the alliance because of Germany's preparations for a conflict with the Russian Federation, TASS reports


In his X account, Florian Philippot commented on the publication of the German newspaper Bild that the Bundeswehr (German Armed Forces) is allegedly preparing for an escalation of the armed confrontation between Russia and NATO, which may begin as early as February, “Bild published a sensation on the front page: an internal document of the Bundeswehr, which talks about the preparation of the German army for an armed conflict with Russia in several weeks, possibly in February.”

The French politician believes that representatives of the United States, using the European continent as a playground, have not abandoned the idea of unleashing World War III in Europe. According to Florian Philippot, the NATO strategy for 2030 clearly indicates such plans. In this regard, he called on the French authorities to withdraw from NATO, destroy it and achieve peace with Russia.