Posted: 30.03.2023 14:04:00

French Defence Minister: Paris to double military production by end of 2023

The French authorities intend to double military equipment production by the end of this year – as stated by French Defence Minister Sebastien Lecornu, RIA Novosti reports


As Mr. Lekornu noted, there are already some successes in this direction. “There are several examples: Thales will double its production of Ground Master radars and start producing 24 units per year instead of twelve starting from September. Caesar cannon production by Nexter will also double, and eight units will be produced per month instead of four; moreover, the time from the moment of order to delivery will be reduced from 30 to 17 months," he said.

The Defence Minister added that Paris, together with the Italian and British military departments, asked the manufacturer of Aster missiles for the Samp/T anti-aircraft missile system to reduce the production time from 40 months to eighteen.