Posted: 25.09.2023 16:49:00

Forestry Minister: Belarus’ timber experts exceeded the pre-sanction level

This year, the volume of exports of Belarusian timber exceeded the pre-sanction period – as noted by the Forestry Minister of Belarus Aleksandr Kulik in his talk with STV TV channel

STV video screenshot

As Aleksandr Kulik noted, Belarus managed to restore the volume of exported timber in the shortest possible time.

“Actually, we restored those volumes within a month or two after the introduction of sanctions, and this year we have exceeded them. We do not stand still; we are considering the countries of the distant arc. The volumes of rounded timber to Central Asia have increased, where the climate enables to construct some kind of summer houses, planed goods, and various wood mouldings from a small diameter. Unfortunately, what we cannot replace today is pellet production,” the official added.

At the same time, the Head of the Forestry Ministry underlined that our country does not stand still on this issue.

“Firstly, domestic consumption is growing. We are further looking for markets for export of pellets. In general, all the products are in demand, I underline again that the volumes exceed the pre-sanction level,” Aleksandr Kulik noted.