Posted: 04.07.2022 10:44:00

Foreign military attachés got acquainted with dump truck production and Great Stone Park’s potential

On the eve of Belarus’ Independence Day, the International Military Co-operation Department of the Defence Ministry organised visits to the BELAZ plant and the Great Stone Industrial Park for foreign military attachés accredited to the defence department – as reported in the Telegram channel of the Defence Ministry.

The military diplomats got acquainted with the scale of production of mining dump trucks, the history of creation, development and geography of deliveries of BELAZ goods. They also got a unique opportunity to climb on the world’s largest dump truck with a carrying capacity of 450 tonnes, which is produced only in Belarus.

In the innovation centre of a high-tech international business platform, the Great Stone Industrial Park management told the military attachés about the history of the project, the management structure, the prospects and advantages of doing business in our country, and the features of preferential state policy. The result of this approach was the recognition of the project by a significant number of well-known global investors registered as residents of the Great Stone Industrial Park.