Posted: 07.03.2023 14:06:00

First lithium reserve discovered in Iran

Geological prospectors have discovered the first lithium deposit in Iran: reserves are estimated at 8.5m tonnes of ore – as informed by the Managing Director of the Department of Exploration Affairs of Iran’s Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, Ebrahim Ali Molabeigi, RIA Novosti reports


The deposit was discovered in the Hamedan Province in the north-west of the country.

“Iran is one of the few countries in which adequate reserves of rare earth elements and precious metals are available. The discovery of the first lithium reserve in the Hamedan Province is promising news which signals the possibility of other reserves in the western Iranian province,” Mr. Molabeigi stressed.

The top three leaders in lithium reserves include Bolivia (21m tonnes), Argentina (19m) and Chile (9.6m). Meanwhile, Australia is now shifting from fourth place (6.4m) in the ranking to the fifth one following the news from Iran.