Posted: 29.03.2024 16:58:19

Expert: organisation of terrorist attack in Moscow Region shows subtle work of special services

International terrorism has repeatedly tried to use, among other things, the incitement of inter-ethnic hatred to achieve its goals. The special services of certain countries often contributed to this, professionally giving terrorist attacks a provocative character. The events in Crocus City Hall near Moscow are an example of this. Obviously, the selection of performers was made precisely taking into account what the reaction of society would be to their nationalities. Political expert Piotr Petrovsky speculated on the topic.

“In the organisation of the terrorist attack in Crocus City Hall, we see the subtle work of the special services. It is obvious that those who ordered this monstrous crime are well aware of the migration problems facing Russia, the peculiarities of the multi-ethnic nature of the country, and the public sentiment on this issue. Against this background, there is an attempt to use this terrorist attack, including for a serious aggravation of inter-ethnic and religious strife in the state. Those who ordered the terrorist attack for their own purposes used the unenviable financial and social situation in which some natives from Central Asian countries in Russia find themselves today. The most important thing for Russian society today is not to give in to emotions and not to get involved in an artificially provoked inter-ethnic war. Analysing what happened, it becomes clear that this is how the image of the enemy is created,” Piotr Petrovsky stated.