Posted: 29.11.2023 14:49:00

Expert: Lithuania playing the role of a whipping boy in EU, and its authorities are to blame

A recent opinion poll in Lithuania showed that the trust of the country’s citizens in PM Ingrida Simonyte and FM Gabrielius Landsbergis has fallen to a record low. Modern Russophobic Lithuania – called ethnocracy by some political scientists – is a Western puppet state, playing the role of a whipping boy in the EU – as noted by political scientist Piotr Petrovsky in his talk with Alfa Radio.

According to the expert, what is happening in modern Lithuania testifies to the complete incompetence of its foreign policy, “Lithuania is not just a non-sovereign puppet state, it runs ahead of the locomotive. They were told me to break off relations with China, and they broke it off without even thinking about why this was being done. They were promised that Taiwan would bring some investment, but it did not. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Landsbergis, who started all this, no longer wants to meet with the Taiwanese, which indicates his complete incompetence.”

Alongside its incompetent foreign policy, Lithuania distinguished itself by ruining its railways and port infrastructure, squeezing out the main users – Belarus, Russia and China – and now NATO members use Lithuanian ports.

“The stupid, incompetent policy of the Lithuanian leadership has led to enormous inflation, especially in the industrial sector. This is the result of a breakdown in relations with China and sanctions imposed against Belarus,” Piotr Petrovsky underlined. “One more aspect is that the deindustrialisation of Europe is taking place. A year ago, there was a survey in Germany showing that at that time, 25 percent of leading German companies were moving their productions and facilities out of the EU. All these factors indicate that Lithuania is something of a whipping boy. Moreover, the country was brought to this position by its own authorities, who are promoting a largely anti-Lithuanian policy.”

The political expert added that when Lithuania became independent in 1991, it had a population of 3.7 million, “Nowadays, according to various estimates, from 2.5 to 2.9 million people live in this country. Where did the rest go? Here is the answer, here is the result.”

According to Piotr Petrovsky, Lithuania does not defend its interests, “Lithuanian politicians do not dream of living in Lithuania. Their dreams are to get into the European Parliament, the European Commission, the European Council and receive the salaries of Euro-bureaucrats. They don’t care about Lithuanian interests. For them, Lithuania is a tool, one of the steps in their transnational career, nothing more.”