Posted: 07.11.2022 12:37:00

Eismont comments on firewood chopping championship: this is unprecedented case in world practice

The idea of the firewood chopping championship was born by itself, and this is an unprecedented event in the world practice – as noted by Natalya Eismont, the Press Secretary of the President of Belarus, during the opening of the chopping firewood championship among journalists, BelTA reports


“It’s a great pleasure for me to welcome everyone here. I have an amazing and important mission, which is short and consists of three points. Firstly, to congratulate everyone on the holiday. Secondly, to welcome all the participants of our cool championship. This is really a new tradition. Thirdly, to wish everyone good luck today. Of course, I do all these on behalf of the Head of State. I send you all my deepest regards,” said Natalya Eismont.

The Press Secretary of the President noted that this story began with him. “Then the challenges were taken up by the journalists of our Presidential pool. Everything was born by itself, and this is the most vital aspect. I will say without exaggeration and pathos: it seems to me, this is an unprecedented case in world practice,” added Ms. Eismont.

Natalya Eismont underlined that today, as a friendly team, the participants take axes and saws in their hands for peaceful and constructive purposes. “We will show the whole world that our journalists are capable of anything. I’m also absolutely sure that the strongest will win. However, I’m even more confident, sorry for the banality, that there will be no losers today. I wish everyone good luck and good mood. Let’s have a great day,” Natalya Eismont concluded.

Today, the first firewood chopping championship among journalists and bloggers is being held on the banks of the Vyacha water reservoir in the Minsk District.