Posted: 22.02.2024 09:27:00

Economy Ministry: net profit of Great Stone residents doubled in 2023

Net profit of the Great Stone residents doubled last year, Belarus’ Economy Ministry reports

"The unprecedented volume of benefits and preferences offered by the Great Stone Industrial Park helps attract domestic and foreign investors. At present, 127 companies with founders from 14 countries are implementing projects on its territory, and twenty-six new residents joined in 2023. This year, 8 more have been registered already. In 2023, the residents ensured an increase in key financial and economic indicators: net profit and inward investment on a net basis grew 2-fold, the amount of taxes and fees paid – 1.8-fold, production – 1.6-fold, and revenue – 1.5-fold,” the source said.

It is also reported that additional opportunities are being created to attract investment to the park. In 2023, decisions were made to promote development of traditional and innovative Chinese medicine, implementation of projects in the field of pharmaceuticals, and production of medical devices and equipment. As a result, new companies have joined Great Stone, and they plan to create production facilities for pharmaceuticals, in vitro diagnostics, and advanced biomedical materials.