Posted: 07.10.2021 08:57:00

Consolidated expenditures on agriculture increase

The figure was announced by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin, as he reported to the Head of State on agricultural progress in the country

Photo by Aleksei Matysh

As Mr. Subbotin informed, the Government has maintained the volume of preferential loans for organisations of the agro-industrial complex this year, also granting credits to purchase grain. The Republican budget has allocated money for purchase of 50 grain and 50 forage harvesters. In total, 460 harvesting vehicles have been bought, in addition to over 650 tractors and 2,500 units of other machinery.

“Expenditures of the consolidated budget on the agricultural industry in Belarus have exceeded Br2bn [approx. $800m] this year – 1.4-fold more than in 2020,” Mr. Subbotin said.