Posted: 29.11.2023 10:56:00

China interested in Belarusian technologies of feed additive production

The Research Centre of Animal Husbandry at Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences studies the effectiveness of the use of new types of feed, including non-traditional ones, for farm livestock, also focusing on the development of nutrients and biologically active substances and the replacement of expensive components. The scientists’ developments are used by the Belarusian National Biotechnological Corporation.

Recently, the centre’s representatives were invited to China to be demonstrated a new enterprise where protein-vitamin complex supplements are produced.

Ivan Sheiko, the Deputy Director General of the Research Centre of Animal Husbandry, informed, “The scales and quality of products were definitely impressive. Chinese manufacturers highly appreciated our developments, and we agreed on the use of our formulation and production technology. We are negotiating a mutually beneficial contract. A programme for the development of closer co-operation between Belarusian scientists and the Chinese side has been outlined.”