Posted: 19.01.2024 15:58:00

Chairman of Belarus’ Investigative Committee: our people, like no other, experienced all disasters from the brown plague invasion

The Genocide of the Belarusian People round table discussion has taken place today at the Investigative Committee in Minsk, attended by over 150 people: representatives of government bodies and organisations, educational institutions, the scientific community of Belarus, as well as online employees of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Academies of the Investigative Committee of Russia


Opening the round table, Chairman of the Investigative Committee Dmitry Gora, in his welcoming speech, focused on the importance of conveying the truth about the horrors of war on Belarusian soil and on the need for a legal assessment of the crimes committed by the fascists.

“Our people, like no other, experienced all the disasters from the invasion of the brown plague, losing every third inhabitant. The memory of this tragedy will always resonate with pain in every Belarusian’s heart. The task of descendants is to prevent the revival of neo-Nazism and the ideology of destruction,” Dmitry Gora underlined.

He also stressed in a conversation with journalists that it is important to understand that the participation of investigators and experts in the investigation of the criminal case of genocide of the Belarusian people –opened by the Prosecutor General’s Office – is only part of the work carried out to identify all the facts of the atrocities of German accomplices, “Scientists also take part in this work. Today’s round table discussion is a vivid example of this, bringing together leading historians and lawyers of our country. Various important issues are discussed, primarily from a scientific point of view. These topics include, e.g., the criteria for determining the damage caused by the atrocities of the Nazis in our country and our people. Work at this meeting is a scientifically based approach that will not allow one to cast doubt on the conclusions, including those obtained as part of the investigation.”