Posted: 08.01.2024 13:06:00

BelNPP Director General: without Rosatom’s support it would be impossible for us to implement everything

In his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, Director General of the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant Sergei Bobovich told what can be learned from Rosatom State Corporation

“The most important point that can be learnt is working with personnel; we’ll adopt these approaches from them,” Sergei Bobovich, recently appointed to the post of Director General of the enterprise, is confident.

He states that Belarusians take part in youth forums held by Rosatom, “They have organised a very serious training system in Obninsk, and without the support of such a company it would be impossible for us to implement everything.”

Sergei Bobovich also drew attention to the great interest from the Belarusian side towards Chinese partners, “They boast a lot of experience in repairing units, in speed, in performing operations. Therefore, we will study the entire world experience. But at the same time, the Russian side, of course, remains a priority.”

Sergei Bobovich claims that the BelNPP plans to continue to liaise with the IAEA, “Before launching the first unit, we went through a preliminary Pre-OSART security check mission. It is planned that in 2025 there will be another IAEA mission on operational safety OSART. Almost all countries that co-operate with the IAEA undergo these missions. If the IAEA works on a country profile, then the BelNPP personally works with WANO (World Association of Nuclear Operators). This is constant support on all issues related to the operation of stations, i.e., we can receive any competent assistance regarding the operation of our station at any time, 24 hours a day.”