Posted: 03.12.2021 16:25:00

Belavia: new EU restrictions will not affect flights

“No need to worry: the restrictions imposed will not affect the ability to perform the pre-scheduled flights. You can safely plan a vacation during the winter holidays. There is no risk of getting stuck in a foreign country. The states to which flights are currently being operated are open to Belavia, and the new restrictions will not affect their availability. Flights will be operated according to the schedule," Belavia said.


As regards ticket prices, it’s been informed that they change dynamically and depend on the existing and planned load of flights, demand for air transportation in a particular direction and other factors. In connection with the situation, ticket prices will not change.

Due to the introduction of restrictions, the airline had to reduce its fleet of aircraft. At the moment, it has 15 planes which is quite enough to perform all scheduled flights in the winter season – both regular and charter. By the summer season, Belavia plans to replenish its fleet: to buy aircraft and also to conclude leasing agreements with companies that are not EU residents.