Posted: 03.12.2021 12:49:00

Belarusian path in fighting pandemic yields results, Lukashenko asserts

The President said this today at a meeting on the country’s socio-economic development

photo by Anton Stepanishchev

The Head of State believes positive indicators should not lullaby the Government. They have really become the result of hard work of state agencies and all people. There is also a confluence of circumstances here, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

“In some ways we were lucky. The last year pandemic inspired us to choose our own Belarusian path, do not lockdown, do not shout but to work. This produces results now. I should note that the whole world has chosen the Belarusian path in 2021. No one will say this since Belarus is not America. If this happened in America, then this would have been trumpeted all over the world: Trump and Biden are great since they chose the right path! We will not be praised for this. On the contrary, we will be strangled for this,” he said.

Therefore, as stated by Aleksandr Lukashenko, it is no need to think that we have solved all the problems. “There are a lot of problems, and, unfortunately, 90 percent of them have been imported from outside,” he added.