Posted: 24.02.2023 13:16:00

Belarusian and Indian scientists held seminar on co-operation in technical sciences

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Belarus and the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research of India (CSIR) held a joint seminar dedicated to co-operation in the field of technical sciences – as reported on the NAS website

Over forty NAS and CSIR scientists took part in the event to discuss promising areas of development of Belarusian-Indian interaction, including high-temperature and plasma technologies for processing materials, functional magnetic materials, composite materials based on heavy alloys, as well as plasma and protective coatings, technical diagnostics of materials by non-destructive control methods, etc.

The National Academy of Sciences of Belarus underlined that now at the level of executives the parties prepare joint design proposals in the area of biological, medical, physical, chemical, technical sciences and IT technologies for subsequent implementation. The discussion of these design proposals is scheduled for March 9th.