Posted: 17.09.2023 20:13:00

Belarus widely celebrating National Unity Day

National Unity Day is celebrated in Belarus for the third time this year. On September 17th, Belarusians recollect what a long and difficult path the nation had to go through to gain sovereignty. Festive events are held all over the country today.

A bike ride has been organised in Gomel.

About a thousand patriots have gathered in Grodno for celebrations, and the Unity Run became one of bright events dedicated to the youngest holiday of sovereign Belarus – gathering 15-17-aged enthusiasts.

In Brest, the main commemorative events dedicated to National Unity Day were held in front of the main entrance to the city park, where there is a military burial for the Red Army soldiers who died in 1939, 1944-1945.

In Gomel, thousands of people gathered in the city centre to celebrate National Unity Day together. Citizens began to come to Lenin Square long before the start of the celebrations.

A sports bike ride was held in Minsk, starting from two city points: the National Library and the Lebyazhy Water Park. Its participants joined to lay flowers in memory of those who died during the Great Patriotic War.

“Over the past three years as we celebrate this holiday in a single friendly family, the date of September 17th has united our nation even greater. New approaches and traditions have become part of the celebration – such as bike and motorcycle races, as well as different actions. Importantly, National Unity Day is actively welcomed by our young people,” Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister Igor Petrishenko said.