Posted: 17.04.2024 14:39:00

Belarus, UAE agreed on mutual recognition and exchange of category B driving licences

The draft law of the Republic of Belarus ratifying the memorandum of understanding between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the United Arab Emirates on mutual recognition and exchange of driving licences was adopted at first reading at the meeting of the first session of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the eighth convocation

Presenting the document to the parliamentarians, Belarus’ Interior Minister Ivan Kubrakov said that the purpose of the bill is to further develop bilateral co-operation in the field of road safety, as well as to improve the legal status of citizens of the two countries.

“The memorandum applies only to the category B driving licences (in the UAE – ‘light vehicles’). Obligations on mutual recognition of such documents issued on each other's territory are fixed. At the same time, their holders must meet the minimum age requirement. If they have a permanent residence permit, the citizens of the two countries have the opportunity, subject to a number of conditions, to exchange driving licences without passing theoretical and practical tests. The provisions of the memorandum do not apply to holders of documents issued by both parties, unless they are citizens of Belarus or the UAE,” Ivan Kubrakov stated.

The memorandum establishes the obligation of the parties to mutually recognise driving licences issued on the territory of the other party. Thus, Belarusian citizens holding the B driving licences and arriving in the United Arab Emirates for purposes other than permanent residence (for example, tourism or employment under temporary agreements and contracts) can use their driving licences to drive a car in the UAE.

The memorandum also provides for the possibility of exchanging the B driving licence issued by one party for a driving licence of the other party without passing theoretical and practical qualification exams for the right to drive a motor vehicle. Such an exchange is possible under a number of conditions, including the applicant's possession of a valid residence permit and the applicant's medical examination in the state in which the exchange takes place.