Posted: 13.03.2023 17:08:00

Belarus, Iran to mutually recognise the results of halal products certification

The State Committee for Standardisation of Belarus (Gosstandart) and Iran’s National Standards Organisation (INSO) signed a memorandum of understanding within the framework of President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s official visit to Iran, with the document being signed by Gosstandart Chairman Valentin Tataritsky, who is a member of the state delegation – as reported in the Gosstandart press service


The memorandum aims to promote and develop co-operation in relation to halal products. Thus, interaction of the parties is envisaged in the field of conformity assessment procedures, standards and technical regulations for issuing halal certificates and their mutual recognition for products manufactured and supplied by the countries. At the same time, mutual recognition of the results of halal certification applies only to certificates issued by the relevant bodies of the parties: Iran’s National Standards Organisation (INSO) and BelHalal LLC. The parties also plan to share experience and knowledge in the field of technologies, competencies, and infrastructure facilities, as well as research and development related to halal products.

“The signing of this memorandum continues the measures taken by the State Committee for Standardisation of Belarus to assist the domestic industry in entering the markets of the far arc countries. Providing conditions for mutual recognition of the necessary certificates, based on trust in national quality infrastructures, significantly saves the financial and time costs of manufacturing enterprises. Belarus already has such experience with the UAE, as a result of which 60 enterprises can supply Belarusian products to this country, as well as other states of the Persian Gulf. Work is also being carried out within the framework of relevant agreements with Indonesia,” the press service said.