Posted: 10.11.2021 14:37:00

Belarus’ Information Ministry stands for unrestricted coverage of events on the border

Belarus’ Information Ministry is closely monitoring the development of the refugee situation on the Belarusian-Polish border and advocates open and unrestricted media coverage of the events taking place there – as stated by the ministry’s official website

Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

In this regard, the Polish side's ban on the work of media representatives in the border zone is outrageous and is a gross violation of journalists’ rights to carry out their professional activities.

To ensure objective informing of Poland’s and other states’ citizens on the events on the border territories, Belarus’ Information Ministry is ready to assist in inviting Polish media representatives to work on the Belarusian side of the border.

As stated, the Information Ministry jointly with Belarus’ Foreign Ministry are working on a possibility for some Polish media to get prompt accreditation and arrive in the country. It’s supposed that such steps will contribute to objective and comprehensive media coverage of the situation in the mass refugee area and will prevent the spread of outright disinformation.