Posted: 30.12.2022 11:58:00

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry urged Ukraine to conduct thorough investigation of the incident with the missile fallen in Belarus

The Foreign Ministry invited the Ambassador of Ukraine to Belarus, Igor Kizim, to declare a strong protest over the fact of the fall of a Ukrainian missile on the Belarusian territory – as informed by the Foreign Ministry’s official representative, Anatoly Glaz

“Today [December 29th], the air defence forces of Belarus shot down a Ukrainian missile of the S-300 complex on our territory. This is a very serious incident, and the Belarusian side takes it as seriously as possible. In this regard, Ambassador Igor Kizim was summoned to the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, to whom a strong protest was voiced,” he said.

The Glaz noted that the Foreign Ministry demanded from the Ukrainian side to conduct a thorough investigation of all the circumstances of the launch of the missiles, to bring to justice those responsible, as well as to take exhaustive measures to prevent the recurrence of such incidents – which could lead to catastrophic consequences for everyone – in the future.