Posted: 29.09.2022 17:46:00

Belarus’ Defence Ministry: no mobilisation events in the country

No mobilisation activities are organised in the Armed Forces of Belarus, since there is no need for them. All military training has been prescheduled and approved by special legal acts, the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel reports.


As informed, military commissariat officials continue to perform their standard daily work.

“In peacetime, among the tasks of a military enlistment office are registration, conscription and mobilisation. As part of this work, notices are sent out and handed to conscripts and army reservists. Conscript notices that citizens of the Republic of Belarus receive from military commissariats at their place of residence inform them about their participation in planned events,” the Defence Ministry said in a statement.

The source said there is no need for mobilisation measures in the country at the moment. “The existing challenges and threats are being neutralised by the acting system of state and military security,” it added.