Posted: 05.12.2023 16:38:00

Belarus’ Ambassador Molchan said Venezuela needs all developments of our country

Probably the largest infrastructure of industrial machine building agricultural potential of Belarus has been formed in Venezuela – as stated by Ambassador of Belarus to Venezuela Andrei Molchan in his talk with ONT TV channel

ONT video screenshot

According to Andrei Molchan, after communication between the leaders of the two countries, the parties came to the understanding that Venezuela needs almost all the developments that Belarus boasts.

“Nevertheless, let’s just say that Venezuela’s northern neighbours were not happy with the fact that Hugo Chavez, and then Nicolas Maduro, tried to pursue an independent sovereign policy, and problems arose from the side of Washington,” explained the diplomat.

He noted that serious financial, economic, and political sanctions were introduced, leading the economy of this country to a rather crisis situation.

“The flow of funds to the state budget has stopped due to these problems with sanctions. Naturally, in the absence of these funds, financing of large projects has ceased, so, in the current conditions under sanctions – when many Western restrictions have been imposed against the government of Venezuela, against state-owned enterprises and organisations – the Belarusian embassy is working to find solvent partners precisely among private businesses and companies, and this layer is quite impressive. By late 2023, there are already some more or less working options, thanks to which we can restore the flow of goods and bilateral trade. But this took time.”

Andrei Molchan also added that Venezuela has enormous potential across all areas. This country is ranked first in terms of oil deposits, as well as deposits of other mineral and very important resources.

“This country has access to the sea. This is a country where we are loved and remembered. Our two nations, our two states, our two peoples must work as closely as possible,” summed up the Ambassador.