Posted: 24.01.2024 10:43:00

Ankara denied information about plans to send African refugees from Italy to Turkiye

The Centre for Combating Disinformation of the Turkish Presidency’s Directorate has denied reports in the media about an alleged agreement reached with Rome to send African refugees from Italy to Turkiye. As reported by TASS, the issue was allegedly discussed during the visit of Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni to Istanbul on January 20th.


"The information that [Turkish historian] Ilber Ortayli, who communicated with Italian Prime Minister Meloni, said that Italy wants to send African migrants to Turkiye is not true. No agreements were reached during Meloni's visit, and even this was not discussed. It has been established that allegations that Italy will send refugees from Africa to Turkiye became widespread after the Il Giornale publication,” the source said in a statement.

The Turkish Centre for Combating Disinformation almost daily releases refutations of information, mainly about the crisis in the Gaza Strip.