Posted: 11.03.2024 10:39:00

Ambassador on Belarus-Italy relations: it’s important to preserve much that already exists

It’s important not to lose much that already exists in the relations between Belarus and Italy – as noted by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Italy to Belarus Tomaso Pietro Marchegiani in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel

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“It’s important not to lose much that we already have. I mean mutual sympathy, travel, tourism, interest between people at the level of contacts. This is the most important, and we are ready to work for this,” the Italian Ambassador stressed.

As for the further development of Belarus-Italy relations, Tomaso Pietro Marchegiani noted that they should be expanded and brought to a qualitatively new level. “We invite delegations here, e.g., there was recently a round table discussion on agriculture at the National Academy of Sciences. We have specific projects. We need to work harder, establish more contacts, and it will be better in the future,” the head of the Italian diplomatic mission shared his expectations.

According to the Ambassador, alongside the Belarus agro-industrial complex, Italy may also be interested in our country’s industrial sector, for instance, machines for the production of wooden furniture. “Business visas are opened in Italy for Belarusian entrepreneurs to establish bilateral contacts in this area,” the diplomat said.

He also expressed interest in Belarusian cheeses, milk, sour cream and other dairy products. “Belarus is ranked fourth in the world ranking in this area. The quality of the products is the highest. Therefore, of course, we need to work hard [including in this direction],” the Ambassador concluded.