Posted: 19.10.2021 17:29:00

Additional funds to be allocated from President's reserve fund to fight COVID-19

This has been announced today by the Head of State during a meeting on the epidemiological situation


“I'll see what we have in the President's reserve fund, how much money is left. We’ve preserved it and have not spent away. We will allocate these funds to support our doctors, buy medicines and other materials for the future,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

According to the President, Belarus is generally coping with the pandemic – much owing to its decision not to stop production.

“This sanctions year, our exports are higher than ever. This has never happened before. If we enjoy exports, so there is an inflow of foreign currency. At present, we sell more than we consume. Why? This is because then [during the first wave of the pandemic] we did not stop our country and our production, and we now have a possibility to offer our products to others. This has saved us. Right now, we cope with it by our own means, and I think we will cope with it further if we mobilise our resources.”