Posted: 29.02.2024 15:41:00

ABFF Chair: President instructed to bring order to football within six months

Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation (ABFF) Nikolai Sherstnev talked to journalists after the report to the President on the Belarusian football development. Since he has been heading the ABFF for almost a year now and managed to understand the essence of the problems during this time, he spoke about ways to bring Belarusian football out of the crisis.

“First of all, it’s necessary to understand the systematic training of football players,” the ABFF Chairman shared his opinion. “It is necessary to build a technology for educating and bringing players to sports perfection. If this technology works, the result will always be a great athlete. Today we see a number of flaws in this regard.”

Nikolai Sherstnev said that the Head of State gave clear instructions to restore order in football as soon as possible, “The task was set to restore order within six months, i.e., to build a system for training football players, ensuring a smooth transition to youth football and to adult football. Everything that is currently unbalanced in the regulatory framework must be put in order. Six months of fruitful work lie ahead, and what has been lost for various reasons over many years will be restored, enabling football to become a sport that is loved and appreciated.”

At the same time, the Chairman of the Belarusian Football Federation noted that much is being done and has already been done to popularise and educate a new generation of football players, but the new approach will become ‘fundamental for many years’, “There is a system, though unbalanced,” assured Nikolai Sherstnev. “When we assemble it properly, the flywheel will spin. There will be no need to control, but only to correct and help, since the flywheel will work on its own.”