Winning champions cup in a fair tournament struggle

Pavel Kalinkov from Belarus recognised best among eight ‘knights’ from Holland, Germany, Norway and Russia
The 70,000 participants and guests of the Times and Epochs-2013 Forum enjoyed a knightly camp, with authentic living conditions, tents and servants, and were entertained by armed horsemen.

The performance began with a parade of knights and sword-bearers while heralds explained the significance of heraldic shields and flags. Pavel Kalinkov, who received the ultimate cup, tells us, “We represented the Grand Duchy of Lithuania at the tournament, taking its flag to Moscow. Each uniform was precisely recreated from 15th century samples.”

Knights also demonstrated their skills by spearing rings and cutting targets, as well as lifting the scarves of beautiful ladies from the ground. Jousts were held, with the head being a forbidden target zone.

“I’m grateful to the participants of our Zolotaya Shpora horse-historical club for their help. They did everything to help me to compete,” notes Pavel. “My victory is theirs too.”
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