Tourism in Action

Last year over 90,000 foreign tourists visited Belarus, an increase of more than 30% on the year. The rise is attributed to the administrative decisions made last year
More than a quarter of all foreign tourists were attracted by four tour operators: “Vokrug sveta”, “Belinturist”, “Vneshinturist” and “Smoktravel”.

Belarus has 400 entities that deal with foreign and domestic travels, of them 70 tour operators and 240 travel agencies. “This means there is a huge reserve to boost the number of foreign tourists that visit Belarus, especially if all travel agencies follow the example of outperformers,” Sports and Tourism Minister Alexander Grigorov told a seminar for representatives of Belarus’ tourism.

Alexander Grigorov noted that the ministry and travel agencies and tour operators would aim at promoting inbound tourism. Exports of tourist services, or trips, are expected to increase 50% in the next five years.
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