Domestic agrarians to grow ‘green’ foods

Belarusian farmers taught organic agriculture

According to the Programme Director of the Centre for Environmental Solutions, Yevgeny Lobanov, the project is due to be implemented jointly with Swedish Coalition Clean Baltic. “A school for farmers is being set up to teach the major methods of organic farming, avoiding the use of chemicals,” explains the expert. Farmers will be joined by state owned and private agricultural companies to study world experience. Mr. Lobanov notes that domestic agrarians are keen on such events. The project is now being registered, with its launch planned for the near future.


Organic farming avoids synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, regulators of plant growth, feed additives and genetic modification. Previously, the Ministry for Natural Resources and Environmental Protection declared that this branch should receive attention, insisting on a detailed assessment of land which could be used for the project. Pilot organic farming projects are only possible if local agrarians show interest.

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