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Beginning seems to be promising

The Belarusian satellite launched into orbit about three weeks ago is the first step in a major space programme. Excitingly, we are on the verge of a new stage of industrial development, with much to offer partners, as discussed by President Alexander Lukashenko on meeting the Director General of the Chinese Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, Ma Xingrui.
By Valentin Kharitonov

Mr. Lukashenko is convinced of the viability and mutual benefit of co-operation, saying, “We’ve been liaising with the People’s Republic of China in this area for a few years, with some success. However, this is only the beginning. We have further prospects and are ready to utilise the experience of China and its achievements in this area, while offering our services to China in the space realm. We believe this to be a sphere of ??great importance not only because we have a good school of specialists but because we see our national security developing via space technologies.”

Partnerships between our two countries are solid and promising, with a great level of understanding, formed at the highest level. The President noted that this ‘opens up opportunities and contributes to the development of co-operation between Belarus and China in all areas and in all directions — especially the space industry and high-tech projects’.

Mr. Xingrui. agreed, noting, “Co-operation between Belarus and China in the space industry is showing good progress and good results. Belarus has provided excellent equipment to China in the field of remote sensing of Earth, and it’s being applied at our devices.” He expressed his hope that co-operation in the space industry will continue to grow, developing projects for the benefit of both nations and supporting the peaceful exploration of outer space.
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