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Belarus elected to IAEA Board of Governors for 2015-2017

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Belarus elected to IAEA Board of Governors for 2015-2017

The decision was made at the plenary session of the IAEA General Conference in Vienna on September 17th. The fact that Belarus was elected to the IAEA Board of Governors shows that the country’s achievements in nuclear power engineering and the application of nuclear technologies in science, healthcare, and other fields of economy are internationally recognised.

The IAEA Board of Governors generally meets five times per year to discuss major reports, the IAEA programme and budget, and develop recommendations on the key activities of the Agency. The Board of Governors also adopts safeguarding agreements and draft IAEA safety standards, appoints the IAEA Director General, examines cases dealing with the violation of nuclear non-proliferation obligations, and decides on further steps that may include the submission of the case to the UN Security Council for consideration.

Membership in the IAEA Board of Governors will provide Belarus with an opportunity to directly participation in the IAEA decision-making process.
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