Posted: 23.05.2023 10:34:00

UN Secretary General urged G7 states to abandon coal energy

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called on the G7 countries to completely abandon coal-fired energy by 2030, RIA Novosti reports


“The next five years are likely to be the hottest on record. Actions to combat climate change are working, but we are clearly behind schedule. The world is moving towards global warming by 2.8 degrees by the end of this century,” Mr. Guterres stated.

He is reported to propose ‘an acceleration programme’: the UN Secretary General calls on the G7 countries to achieve zero emissions by 2040. According to him, developing countries need to come to this level in 2050.

Mr. Guterres explained that the G7 countries should mobilise financial and technical resources to support developing countries in their acceleration of ‘decarbonisation’. This step would help keep warming within 1.5 degrees.