Posted: 13.01.2022 10:28:00

Two-week scientific marathon to be held at Baranovichi State University

A scientific marathon dedicated to the Belarusian Science Day will be held at Baranovichi State University on January 17th-28th, BelTA informs

"We organise a scientific marathon since 2017. Initially, it lasted a few days but the fourth marathon was a two-week long. About fifty scientific, practical and educational events are planned for teachers, undergraduates, postgraduates, students and schoolchildren. Our foreign partners will join as well: four universities from China and twelve from Russia. We will work with them on online platforms," Vladimir Klimuk, the Vice-Rector for Scientific Work at the Baranovichi State University, explained.

Six Belarusian universities have already supported the initiative.

Four faculties of the Baranovichi University will take part in the scientific marathon – presenting developments and research, organising discussion platforms and master classes, trainings and seminars. The Night of Science will be held on January 18th, scientific research laboratories of patriotic education and toy expertise will open.

For example, the Linguistic Faculty will welcome foreign students to its reading nights. Young people will learn of the Belarusian culture and share information on theirs: Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, China, Turkmenistan. The Engineering Faculty will, in turn, present its laboratories and demonstrate achievements in robotics, artificial intelligence, alternative energy, and machine tool construction, while the Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology is expected to focus on reasons of personal victimisation. The Faculty of Economics and Law is now implementing an interdisciplinary research project at the intersection of economics and jurisprudence.

In total, about 1,000 people will be able to participate in the two-week marathon.