Posted: 14.07.2022 10:58:00

Turkey, Egypt and Saudi Arabia plan to join BRICS

Cairo, Ankara and Riyadh intend to apply to join the BRICS – as noted by the President of the BRICS International Forum Purnima Anand, TASS reports


In an interview with Izvestia newspaper, she said, “All these countries have shown their interest in joining and are preparing to apply for membership. I think this is a good step, since expansion is always perceived positively, it will clearly increase the influence of the BRICS around the world.”

Purnima Anand believes that the entry of these states into the association, most likely, will not take much time. Moreover, she noted that discussion and a possible decision on the entry of some countries from the five, which includes Argentina, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, can be expected at the next summit.

“I hope that the entry of countries into the BRICS will happen very quickly, because now all representatives of the core of the association are interested in expanding. So, it will be very soon,” Purnima Anand pointed out.

Earlier it was reported that, last month, the governments of Iran and Argentina filed applications for joining the BRICS. This information was confirmed by the official representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova. According to her, while Washington was discussing what else to turn off, ban and spoil in the world, the authorities of Argentina and Iran applied to join the BRICS.