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True diamond of the Belarusian agro-industrial complex

In the pre-holiday days, on the eve of November 7th, the people of Belarus, according to a good tradition, received a lot of large-scale gifts — many important objects were put into operation in the country. The main one was the opening of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation, which has no analogues either in Europe or in the post-Soviet space. The President took part in the solemn ceremony of launching the new production.

Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed his sincere gratitude to his friend, Chinese President Xi Jinping, for assistance in the implementation of the project (96 facilities have already been built here and 1,719 people have been employed), 
“Everything depended on the President of the People’s Republic of China. And when I was in talks with him, I asked him for this in a simple and friendly way. I really appreciate this man for his support... Only a close friend could provide such help and support. This is our future.”
The symbolic start button was pressed by the Head of State, First Deputy Prime Minister Nikolai Snopkov, Presidential Aide Aleksandr Kosinets, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus Xie Xiaoyong and BNBC Director General Daniil Uritsky

As BNBC Director General Daniil Uritsky reported to the Head of State, the construction began in 2019, and despite the coronavirus pandemic, China’s funding kept coming because Belarus did not impose any large-scale restrictions and did not close its borders.
“CITIC had only one project under construction in the world at that time — in Belarus. All its other projects were suspended. Your decision to keep the country open made it possible to build this facility in 36 months,” he noted.
Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasised that COVID-19 was at the basis of all economic problems in the world. The President warned about such a scenario two years ago,
“At the time a lot of people did not understand what I was suggesting. I always posed a question then: was the pandemic of artificial or natural origin? Today, 90 percent of people say that the pandemic was artificially caused. Why was it done? It was done to bring the whole world and, above all, China down, to bring the economy down, to make states collapse. Who would have benefitted from this? The ones who print money.
They printed a lot of money. Today’s inflation, which we are mostly importing to our country, is inflation created by the United States of America, and partially by the European Union: helicopter money, U.S. dollars, euros were thrown around. But, most importantly, economies like ours (and there are an overwhelming majority of them in the world) had to collapse. Today they are collapsing, falling apart. Russia is feeling the consequences, and will feel them even harder.”
Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation plans to launch another facility — the so-called prospective development project BNBC-3. It envisages the launch of production lines for vitamins, amino acids, starch and glucose products. This will be the brand-new production of vitamins (B2, B12, C) and new kinds of amino acids (valine, leucine, isoleucine) in Belarus and the CIS. The duration of this project is 5 years, but the Head of State demands to speed up.

The company now produces feed in various areas, including for animal husbandry, pig breeding, poultry farming.
In view of the availability of own feed, including for fish farming, Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed to think about the development prospects for this sector. The President stressed that the matter is also about valuable species of fish. For example, one of Belarusian farms has already launched the production of black caviar which in terms of taste qualities wins at blind tastings, receives high marks from specialists.
Aleksandr Lukashenko took part in the official launch of the production of animal feed and amino acids of the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation.
Until now, the BNBC has been operating in the pilot operation mode. The plants showed good results, including financial ones.
“Today is a historic day. I am very glad that in this difficult time, in 2022, despite various obstacles and sanctions, we stick to this wonderful tradition related to November 7th. Our country and its people received a wonderful gift of our own making. There is nothing like the Belarusian National Biotechnology Corporation in Europe or in the post-Soviet space,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.
At a meeting with the workers, the President explained why Belarus continues to celebrate the Day of the October Revolution.
“Our history of the last century is based on some principles. We have always made presents for our people in the run-up to November 7th. This date marks almost a yearend, which also means the completion of all agricultural works. This was one of the reasons for me to keep this holiday: people are used to getting presents from the authorities, from each other, so let us have an opportunity to do so,” emphasised Aleksandr Lukashenko.
According to the Head of State, BNBC products are in great demand in foreign markets, “We say that today grain is the new gold in the world. And what our corporation, BNBC, produces is without exaggeration real polished diamonds. It’s hard to believe that until March 2019, when the foundation was laid, there was an open field here. Colossal work was done in three and a half years. And today we are inaugurating a whole complex of factories to produce animal feed and amino acids. I emphasise that these production facilities were already tested before the grand opening,” said the Head of State.
Aleksandr Lukashenko also added, 
“This year we can get $8 billion from the sale of food alone. When I tell the presidents of the states that sell oil and natural gas that we will earn $8 billion on food exports, they do not believe it. This is a difficult time, yet it is also a time of opportunity.”
The phased launch of the production facilities started in December 2021. In July BNBC began to gradually reach full capacity. In January-September, the proceeds from the sale of products, including own products, exceeded $100 million.

“The project is not over. I have instructed to draw up a programme for the next step — the production of a full complex of vitamins. Only four countries in the world have such technologies. Belarus will be one of them. Therefore, the creation of the BNBC is comparable to the construction of a nuclear power plant, space programmes (you know that we launch our satellites into space) and an IT park,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko.
The President is convinced that such projects will raise the country to a new technological level. 
At the same time, Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that the Hi-Tech Park no longer occupies the leading position in its industry, 
“We already have IT specialists at every production facility. In general, BNBC relies on IT technologies. Some production facilities are served by only seven people. The IT park gave impetus to the development of IT technologies in industries, educational laboratories, universities and so on. I compared BNBC to space industry. I think it’s even cooler.”
The President spoke about the important plans of Belarus and Russia in this direction, “We have agreed with Russia to create a joint constellation of satellites in outer space. Not only for military purposes. We’ve managed to become part of this programme and are creating this satellite constellation together with Russians. Today we have a satellite that can see an object as small as 35 centimetres from an altitude of 500-600 kilometres. This is why we are making colossal steps here.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko also reminded those present about the events of the year 2020 when opponents called for shutting down the Belarusian Nuclear Power Plant.
“They played into hands of the West,” explained the President. The Head of State pointed out that Poland is making plans to build several nuclear power plants of its own now, 
“Why were we forced to shut down this nuclear power plant? Have you understood now that the nuclear power plant is a gift for Belarus? It is salvation because people in the West are doing all kinds of things to save electricity these days. A nuclear power plant means cheap electricity. In addition to converting transportation to use electricity we are now building residential houses where everything will rely on electricity. An economy cannot exist without electricity. If we had succumbed to those appeals back then, you know where we would be now.”
Communicating with the workforce, the President said that in the coming years large families will be provided with housing in Belarus, “We are now working out social programmes, particularly those concerning housing. Large families are prioritised. Three kids are a priority. We will definitely provide large families with housing within one year, within two years at most. It is demographic security. It is the independence of our country.”

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