Posted: 27.07.2022 11:18:00

Tips from Belarusian journalist for foreign colleagues wishing to interview Lukashenko

Journalists from abroad, especially from Western countries, need to be ready to take the heat on meeting the Belarusian leader during an interview, no matter where they are from – as noted by political observer Igor Tur in his talk with the ONT TV channel


The journalist noted that Aleksandr Lukashenko has made such a move in political rhetoric that a classic interview – when a reporter simply questions and an interviewee simply answers – does not work.

“You need to be ready to take the heat while talking to the Belarusian leader, no matter where you are from: the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy or France. You will act not just as a journalist, but also a bit as an ambassador of your country, a diplomat, a representative of either the government or the people of your state," Mr. Tur stressed.

The observer added that, during the Belarusian President’s recent conversation with a journalist from France-Presse, Aleksandr Lukashenko teased him with questions about the French pseudo-democracy, brutal crackdown on yellow vests, shameful leaks of a contract worth 50bn Euros, and Paris’ overall tiptoeing around Washington.

“It seems Antoine Lambroschini from Agence France-Presse was not ready for that at all,” Mr. Tur noted.

On July 21st, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, gave an interview to one of the largest news agencies: France-Presse (AFP). The talk was led by Antoine Lambroschini, the Deputy Bureau Chief and News Editor in Moscow.