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There are no somebody else’s children in Belarus!

The President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko participated in a charity event as part of the Our Children campaign at the Palace of the Republic

The Head of State first of all presented gifts to Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, and after that he warmly communicated with the young guests of the event.
The President noted that at this time children experience joyful days, expecting gifts and New Year’s magic. Aleksandr Lukashenko especially noted the merits of the guys and praised them.
“First of all, you are great! Here are the guys who deserve to be present at this wonderful holiday. There are 3 thousand of you here, along with teachers and parents. You are future outstanding personalities, the future of our country, our Belarus. Thank you for taking your studies seriously from these young years. I really hope that in addition to studying, you play sports. I advise you to play sports to be not only a beautiful person, but healthy,” the Head of State emphasised.


Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked teachers, educators, parents, “Thank you so much for our Belarusian children. You educate them, teach them. You truly have a gift.”
The President also especially thanked those who organise the events of the Our Children charity campaign, “It originated a long time ago. This is a great holiday. The holiday is primarily for our children. Thank you to all of you who support this tradition, surrounding the children of Belarus with attention and care. Moreover, we are doing everything to make children who are fleeing war feel at home here. And there are many of them. 
We see what is happening in different parts of our planet. And we are doing everything to ensure that those children who today do not have the opportunity to gather in a beautiful hall and talk with their president come to us and feel at home. There should be no children fleeing war. We must catch these children on time, bring them home, warm them up and make their childhood happier... I have said many times and will repeat that there are no somebody else’s children in Belarus. They are all ours, they are family. Belarus has been and will be open to everyone who has lost peace in their countries. We have provided and will continue to provide assistance to such children. For children from whom the war is trying to steal this childhood.”
Aleksandr Lukashenko added: Belarusian, Russian, Ukrainian, Palestinian, Latvian children, as well as kids from other countries, gathered at the Palace of the Republic, “I know that the children who have gathered here have different destinies and different lives. I know that some people have problems and seem to have them... I just want to advise you as a person who also had a difficult childhood: everything is in your hands. If you want, you will be strong, real Belarusians. Someone, as it is fashionable now, will go into IT, someone will become a real plant grower — they will love their land. Someone will become a teacher, someone will become a great scientist, and so on. It’s in your hands. You just need to show more patience and perseverance.”
Excellent students and winners of various Olympiads and creative competitions, students who earned this right through their social work, orphans, from large families, disabled children, children from families of military personnel and law enforcement officers whose fathers died in the line of duty, were invited to the New Year’s celebration at the Palace of the Republic, as well as children from Donbass, children from Latvia and the Primorsky Territory who are recovering in Belarus. Children who were recently evacuated to Belarus from Palestine were also invited to the holiday.

Among the young guests who gathered that day at the Palace of the Republic for the fabulous performance New Year’s Time Machine was 12-year-old Nakhet. A girl from Palestine, who has refugee status, shared her impressions of what she saw with reporters and admitted that it was her first time at the Christmas tree. There is undisguised delight in the eyes, a smile on the face, “There were robots there, and it was very funny... 
I like it here, Belarus!”
Nakhet admitted that, just like Belarusian children, she wrote a letter to Father Frost. And as a gift she wished, “A flower, to be with my parents, goodness and peace!”

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