Posted: 05.07.2023 14:15:00

Pope plans to create advisory body on Ukraine in the Vatican

After the visit of the Pope’s envoy, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, to Moscow and Kiev, Pope Francis announced that he plans to create an advisory body with the participation of representatives of Russia, Ukraine and other countries – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Headof the World Union of Old Believers


According to the Head of the World Union of Old Believers, Leonid Sevastyanov, who maintains correspondence with the Pontiff, after the trip of the Pope’s envoy, Cardinal Matteo Zuppi, to Russia and Ukraine, an idea arose to create an advisory body in the Vatican. The exact definition of its format has not yet been announced but it is known that this refers to ‘an organ-club, a discussion table, a round table on neutral territory’.

“On the territory of the Vatican, neutral territory, so that no one would have questions. To invite Ushakov (Aide to the Russian President), someone from the Ukrainian side on the proposal of the Ukrainian President and start discussing international relations, humanitarian issues, inviting <...> representatives of Western countries, other representatives, in order to eventually move on to which some specifics regarding the settlement,” Sevastyanov said.

The visit to Moscow took place on June 28th-29th, Cardinal Zuppi visited Kiev on June 5th-6th.