Posted: 21.04.2022 11:19:00

Talai comments on double standards of the West

A famous Paralympian and public figure, Aleksei Talai, shared his thoughts with Belarusian schoolchildren, also informing on his plans to participate in the Paralympic Games

“[I will take part] at least in one [Games]. The next ones will be held in Paris. Actually, since we have our own point of view and are building our Union State with Russia, Western countries are trying to bring us to heel. You know about it, and this has even affected the Paralympians. At the same time, there, in the West, they are talking about tolerance, democracy, and freedom of choice – but then turn to the most vulnerable citizens and deprive them of competitions. The world will not forgive them for this. They have already recorded this in their history – a shameful history of double standards. However, their reality has already been shaken, we will soon live in a new world. At present, we live in an era of changes. The world is changing right in front of our eyes. The former centres of power are being liquidated and new ones are being established. Our culture – which has a long history – will need to do much to make common sense prevail, so that the planet does not perish. I lived in the US, Florida, Texas, and name this country ‘my favourite States of America’ but, sadly, their way of life is destroying the planet. Therefore, something needs to be changed, and the world is changing,” Aleksei Talai addressed young people.