Posted: 09.02.2023 10:21:00

Sergeyenko: one of key tasks for 2023 is to restore dynamics of investment growth

It is important that the figures of growth reflected in the reports at the end of the year do not hide real problems – as noted by Head of the Belarus President Administration Igor Sergeyenko at a meeting of the Mogilev Regional Executive Committee, dedicated to summing up the results of socio-economic development and budget performance for 2022

“We have discussed issues of import substitution, how to enter foreign markets, what certain enterprises should do, as they say, particular questions to particular leaders,” Igor Sergeyenko said. “However, I want to draw attention to some growth figures in the reports and warn against hiding real problems behind them. For example, speaking about foreign trade, we say that the growth stands at 5.2 percent. At the expense of what? Due to the increase in prices for supplied produce by 18.5 percent. So, if we recalculate in ‘pieces’, in physical terms, then the volumes decreased by 1-2 percent. The problem of shortage of personnel remains relevant for the region, primarily in working specialties, in the field of healthcare, education, and agriculture. The data show that the Mogilev Region has the lowest average wage and the highest unemployment rate. It is important to prevent a critical level of unjustified internal and external labour migration and to save the workforce in the manufacturing sectors of the economy.”

One of the key tasks for this year is to restore the dynamics of investment growth, enabling us to give a significant impetus to the economy.

Igor Sergeyenko reminded the heads of district executive committees that by the end of the year, 1-2 investment projects should be implemented in each district of the region and the country.

“The establishment of production facilities for the manufacture of high value-added goods and new jobs is the basic instruction of the Head of State, which will be monitored. Do not confuse systematic work on the development of enterprises with the creation of new productions,” he stressed. “Moreover, we need to look closely at the development of local innovation funds. It is clear that if this money is not in demand, then the funds are transferred to the Republican Centralised Innovation Fund. That is, they are actually leaving the regions. It all depends on your quickness, on your organisation locally. Do not forget about the development of the south-east of the Mogilev Region. The President Administration will also study this issue this year.”

A separate block dealt with work with youth, securing specialists, and strengthening human resources.

“Ultimately, the socio-economic development and well-being of the population depends on who is in charge in a particular organisation, at a particular production facility. Fortunately, there are reserves for further improvement, development and replenishment in this direction,” Igor Sergeyenko concluded.