Posted: 29.03.2023 17:00:00

Researchers find out why diseases affect women and men differently

US molecular biologists have found that women have stronger immune systems than men due to increased activity of the KDM6A gene, copies of which are located inside the ‘female’ X chromosomes, according to the work was published in the journal Nature Immunology, TASS reports


Professor at University of California (Los Angeles) Maureen A. Su and her colleagues found that gender differences in the level of activity of the KDM6A gene – responsible for the production of the UTX protein – may be the cause. This peptide influences the structure of the protein shell of DNA, due to which it controls the activity of a large number of genes, presumably associated with the metabolism of human cells.

“While it is well-known that males have more NK cells compared to females, which, however, was not more protective during viral infections. It turns out that females have more UTX in their NK cells than do males, which allows them to fight viral infections more efficiently,” said Maureen A. Su.