Posted: 13.07.2023 23:19:00

Putin: Slavianski Bazaar significantly contributes to strengthening spiritual ties between Slavic peoples

The International Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival of Arts makes a significant contribution to the strengthening of spiritual ties between Slavic peoples, to the expansion of mutually beneficial co-operation in the humanitarian sphere – as stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin in his congratulatory telegram to the participants and guests of the festival, which text was read out during the opening ceremony of the musical holiday

Vladimir Putin stressed, “This large-scale and truly extraordinary international forum has been enriching the cultural life of many countries for decades, making a significant contribution to strengthening spiritual ties between Slavic peoples, expanding mutually beneficial co-operation in the humanitarian sphere. The Slavianski Bazaar is famous for its good creative traditions and the atmosphere of friendship and creativity. It fully embodies its motto: Through Art to Peace and Mutual Understanding.”

The President of Russia noted that the festival programme is rich and diverse this year – as is traditional, “Residents of Vitebsk and guests to this ancient and beautiful city will enjoy many bright premieres and colourful performances. A concert of Russian and Belarusian singers dedicated to the 85th birthday of Igor Luchenok, an outstanding Soviet and Belarusian composer, will be held under the auspices of the Union State.”

Vladimir Putin thanked the organisers of the Slavianski Bazaar for their work and wished inspiration and creative success to all participants of the festival, also wishing unforgettable impressions to its guests.