Posted: 18.04.2023 17:53:00

Portal to the world of sports

Belteleradiocompany launched a new global project

Today it seems that Belarus 5 TV channel has always been there. Over ten years of work on the air, managers and journalists of specialised sports TV have turned from modest but ambitious debutants of broadcasting into seasoned pros and real masters of their craft: author’s programmes, live broadcasts from the world’s largest tournaments, creative projects — the content is huge and fits every taste. But there can never be too much sport, Belteleradiocompany decided and presented another powerful idea: a new Internet portal SPORT5.BY was launched a week ago, the goals and objectives of which are to become the main news aggregator and supplier of exclusive information for fans not only in our country, but also abroad.

Director General of the Belarus 5 TV channel Pavel Bulatsky and Chairman of the Belteleradiocompany Ivan Eismont

The idea of the project was clearly outlined by Chairman of the Belteleradiocompany Ivan Eismont, “We have a large sports editorial office at the Television News Agency, we have the well-known Belarus 5 TV channel with a solid broadcast volume. However, having a gigantic amount of filmed and listened to material, a huge amount of interviews and exclusive information, to our great regret, we could only give a small part of all this. So the idea arose to create a specialised sports Internet portal. Everything will be represented on SPORT5.BY. This will enable fans to get a huge amount of a wide variety of information.”
The world does not stand still, but flies forward at an incredible speed. Remember the classic saying: ‘Over time, television is going to change the world and in twenty years there will be no books or theatre or movies, only TV’. With some adjustments, this is approximately what happened, only ‘only TV’ gradually spilled over into digital format: now it is watched not on large screens and in easy chairs, but literally on the go — on tablets and phones. SPORT5.BY keeps up with the times in this respect.
A significant advantage of the new website over other similar ones is the ability to receive unique video content for free: two built-in players allow one to watch Belarus 5 TV channel and Belarus 5. Internet TV channel broadcasts.
This is an important, but by no means the only trump card of the emerging media resource. There are others. Information content, for example. The abundance of exclusive materials, insiders and reliable facts promises to become a recognisable feature of SPORT5.BY.
“An editorial team has been created, there are specialists who are exclusively involved in this project. But this, of course, is not all. About forty commentators and journalists work on the Belarus 5 TV channel, and a dozen more in Television News Agency sports news. In total — fifty professionals regularly attend competitions, have unique information and insiders! But there was no way to broadcast it all, because there was not enough format. Now the guys will be full-fledged SPORT5.BY journalists. Not on a permanent basis, but in the form of exclusive news providers, blog authors, and so on,” Ivan Eismont shows the ropes.  
Chief Editor of the SPORT5.BY website Nikolai Stulo

A huge network of professional correspondents, which works at almost all sports grounds and press conferences, records long interviews and brief first-hand comments on hot topics — an undeniable advantage of the new resource over competitors. Chief Editor of the website Nikolai Stulo is confident that SPORT5.BY will become a platform that will bring together all the voluminous sports potential of Belteleradiocompany. The logistics of the website is well thought out, it is convenient and simple — everything is in sight, you will not get lost. Here the programme guide is at hand, and the rubricator for sports: football, hockey, biathlon, Olympic and other sports. Many exclusive interviews, there is an international agenda. Another amazing bonus for visitors is archived video. Belteleradiocompany’s reserves of this information treasure are truly inexhaustible — a great opportunity to plunge into the past and once again recall the best and brightest moments in the history of Belarusian sports. It is unlikely that you will be able to get such content anywhere else. Or, to be more precise, nowhere at all.  
Polls, contests, statistics — all this will be gradually built into the structure of the website, it will grow, improve and develop in real time. And the three pillars of modern high-quality journalism will be at the forefront: efficiency, reliability and exclusivity.
As Ivan Eismont noted, news on SPORT5.BY will often appear earlier than on television. So welcome to all the fans: come in, read and find out. Thus, another great player has appeared on the Belarusian media market.

Photos by Aleksey Matush