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Photo of the year

Photo of the year

Simon the white Bengal tiger at Minsk Zoo. Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky

Gomel’s Father the Frost. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

Residents of the village of Noviny, in the Berezina District, are calling for spring – following folk traditions. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Affinity for beauty. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

First child born in Belarus in 2021: Roman Zhorov. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

On the eve of the New Year, Kharoshki ensemble dancer Tatiana Rubchenya was awarded the Francysk Skaryna Medal. Photo by Yuri Mozolevsky

Behind of the scenes of 6th Belarusian People's Congress. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Aleksandr Lukashenko handed over a state flag with his personal signature – Patriots For Belarus! You Are Already Adults! – to participants of For United Belarus rally in honour of its anniversary. Photo by Aleksei Matyush

Berezina River. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

A girl in a refugee camp on the Belarusian-Polish border. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

In violation of all norms and rules, the Poles used a chemical poison against refugees. Photo by Yuri Mozolevsky

First steps are not easy. A refugee camp near the Polish border. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Refugees’ life routine at Bruzgi transport and logistics centre. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

Colours of summer. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Brest Regional Christmas Ball for gifted students at Kossovo Castle. Photo by Pavel Bogush

Loading of the first batch of nuclear fuel into a reactor of the second power unit of the Belarusian NPP. Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky

Geodesist Yevgeny Zdorovtsov and foreman Vitaly Yakush of Mostostroy JSC during construction of a road bridge across the Dnieper River. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

Zakhar Danilenko extinguishing the largest peat fire in the Petrikov District. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

First heart transplant operation performed in Mogilev. Nurse-anaesthesiologist Natalia Dashkevich and anaesthesiologist-resuscitator Vladimir Dudko are near the patient. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Fireworks at Minsk – Hero-City Monument. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Great-grandson Fyodor congratulates veteran Fyodor Medved on his centenary. Photo by Aleksei Matyush

People bringing flowers to KGB building in memory of the deceased serviceman. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Morning in Mogilev. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

The day before. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Performance of the X-Factor Belarus talent show finalist Victoria Poplevchenkova. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

A small Christmas tree in the Smolevichi forestry nursery. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

The most delicious stage of the Republican Lord of the Village family contest. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

An oath of young prosecutors in the Great Patriotic War History Museum. Photo by Yegor Yermalitsky

A solar halo effect in the sky over Vitebsk. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

For United Belarus Republican athletics race starts. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

‘Boatmen’ on the Volga. Experimental fisheries in the Cherven District. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Swan Princess. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Mechanical worker of Agrostroy agricultural enterprise Vyacheslav Koipish preparing machinery for sowing campaign. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

A favourite of the Honey Paradise farmstead in the Yelsk District. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

In search of a good shot. Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

Paramedics of Gomel’s ambulance substation – Yelena Baruskova and Strikunov. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

The mantis. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Marina Molchanova, production manager of a private bakery in Dobrush, Gomel Region. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

Minsk lights at night. Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

Victoria Guk, a student of the Polotsk State Forestry College, is a future forest master. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Tawny owl. Photo by Pavel Bogush

Head of Production Department at Zelenstroy JSC, Andrei Protsuk, at a drum cutting leaves at an innovative compost station. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Winner of the Sanremo Junior International Festival, Ksenia Galetskaya. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Nuns of Saviour and St. Euphrosyne Convent in Polotsk. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Participant of final competitions of the Bold Step project and Staiki OPEN international tournament in Thai boxing. Photo by Yuri Mozolevsky

After a downpour in Grodno. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

DAK farm in Dzerzhinsk District. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Monk Herman in a cell of the Pustynsky Holy Dormition Monastery, Mstislavl District. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Triplet-first-graders Ksyusha, Stas and Vika Konko from the village of Peski, Kobrin District. Photo by Pavel Bogush

A participant of Belarusian-Russian Zapad-2021 military exercises, Guards Corporal Danik Belyaev. Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

Knight's Fest on Zamkovaya Hill. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Belarus Open Triathlon Championship in Zaslavl. Photo by Aleksei Matyush

Jubilee – 140-millionth – tonne of oil extracted in Belarus. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

The main attraction of Smolyany agro-town in Orsha District: ruins of a five-tiered tower from 17th century. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Demonstrational performances of 3rd separate special purpose brigade of internal troops. Photo by Aleksei Matyush

Automobile bridge over the Sozh. Photo by Aleksei Matyush

Chief conductor of State Academic Symphony Orchestra of Belarus, Aleksandr Anisimov, at opening of the Minsk-2021 International Piano Competition. Photo by Aleksandr Gorbash

Island of Courage and Sorrow memorial dedicated to Belarusian internationalist soldiers who died in Afghanistan. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

My dear land. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Aleksei, a son of heroically deceased Major Andrei Nichiporchik, who was awarded the title of Hero of Belarus by Presidential decree. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

Lamp of Memory requiem rally at Khatyn memorial complex. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

Vera Kuryan, a former prisoner of the Ozarichi death camp who lives in Bobruisk, holds her children's picture which has become a symbol of the suffering of war children. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Based on Van Gogh. A starry night in Loshitska Park. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Rescue sailor Irina Moskaleva from Dribin, Mogilev Region. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Beet harvest at Gorodeisk Sugar Mill. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

Holiday-makers at Tsna Water Reservoir unexpectedly refreshed by a hurricane wind. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

A moment of spring by Stepan Tkachenya from Leskovka, Minsk District. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Cathedral of Holy New Martyrs and Confessors of Russian Church in the city of Dyatlovo. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

A researcher of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, Tatiana Volodina, admires sunflowers in the village of Susha. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Sunset on Lake Rybnitsa. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

Stolbtsy District. Rodina Yakuba Kolasa farm. Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky

Guests often come to the farm of Aleksandr Shvidky in Volozhin District to admire the Ayrshire and Jersey cows. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

An ampoule production line of Belmedsteklo JSC. Gas equipment adjuster German Yesipenko. Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky

In the light of the Moon. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Andrei Ryabinchikov from Krichev, Mogilev Region, brings up three sons – Maksim, Aleksei and Ivan – alone. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Fiery sunset. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

Great harvest! Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

There is no way to keep Belarus in its pursuit of victory. A handball match against Swiss. Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

Locksmith at Mogilev’s municipal enterprise of thermal power engineering Sergei Kuleshov. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

A lonely fisherman. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Mir Castle. Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov

Morning. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Black Lady of Nesvizh premiere in Kupala Theatre. Photo by Aleksandr Kushner

A section of the M3 Minsk-Vitebsk highway. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Yelena Gorbach and her daughter Sofia near the Lida Castle. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

A frosty day of the outgoing year. Photo by Aleksandr Gorbash

A large farm of the Chernyavsky family in the village of Tyvidovka, Molodechno District. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Mozyr Refinery installer Valery Savchuk. Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich

A path of the monk. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Camel Shisha likes ice. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Trampoline training offered for boys and girls at the Specialised Children's and Youth School of Olympic Reserve at Vileika District Executive Committee. Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik

Pupils of Secondary School No. 1 of Shchuchin – Yegor Panasevich, Pavel Rymko, Vlad Shilo and Aleksandr Dominikevich – are participants of Otechestvo Fatherland) military-patriotic club. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

Moon illusion. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Students of Vitebsk Medical University say goodbye to winter. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Always keep fire under control. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

A moment of autumn. Photo by Yuri Mozolevsky

Vitebsk Emergency Hospital is switching to normal operation. Nurse Irina Gromyko is preparing an operating room. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

A vegetable grower at Minsk’s greenhouse farm, Anna Shklyarik, is happy with the salad harvest. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

The oldest resident of the village of Porshni in Senno District: Lidia Sinyakova. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Shakhtyor Soligorsk footballers won Belarusian Super Cup for the first time. Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky

A necklace of Glubokoe District. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Kristina and Vladislav Prokudin are a married couple of general practitioners from Cherikov District. Photo by Andrei Sazonov

Sunset on Lake Drivyaty. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Wolves in Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve. Photo by Anton Stepanishchev

Visitors are part of the ART-MINSK – 2021 international art festival. Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov

Belarusian Circus artist Anastasia Donchenko. Photo by Aleksandr Gorbash

Lars snow cyclone in Grodno. Photo by Aleksei Bibikov

New Year mood is in the air! Photo by Aleksei Stolyarov