Posted: 06.06.2022 12:14:00

Patriarch Kirill: Belarus’ President assumed huge responsibility for people’s preservation

During his meeting with Aleksandr Lukashenko today, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia stressed that he really feels right at home in Belarus


As the Patriarch noted, when he is going to meet with a head of state, different thoughts are spinning in his head. Meanwhile, he always meets with the President of Belarus with a light heart.

“This is because I know I am going to meet someone special – a person who has taken on a huge responsibility for the safety and preservation of his people and their identity. In the context of globalisation aimed at making every identity disappear and when everything is being adjusted to the same standards, this is a struggle for the nation’s survival – maybe not in a physical sense, but spiritual and cultural,” the Patriarch explained.

He is convinced: woe will be to the humanity if people are treated all alike, “And if people are governed by standards developed outside of their participation somewhere in certain centres, and politics, culture, and people's lives are built on these standards.”

According to His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, true sovereignty is more than political sovereignty today. “This is the freedom of people. I am happy to testify that Belarus is among the countries which can be described as sovereign states. God grant that it will be so,” he stressed.