Posted: 03.01.2024 16:11:00

New-borns received gifts from Belarus’ Head of State

On behalf of the Belarusian leader, gifts have been given to the families where babies were born in the first minutes of the year – as is traditional. Three ‘New Year’ infants (a boy and two girls) were born in the Minsk Region, Vitebsk and Minsk on January 1st: at 00:01 – becoming a true miracle and the best gift for their parents. Overall, in the first hours of 2024, thirty-two babies were born in Belarus: 21 girls and 11 boys. The Year of Quality – or rather its first seconds – became a starting point for them to their future happy life.

A 53cm boy weighing 2,970 grams was born in Minsk’s Clinical Maternity Hospital at 00.01 on January 1st, becoming the 10th child in a family of farmers from the Vileika District. The baby was named Aleksandr. On behalf of President Aleksandr Lukashenko, gifts to the mother and her son have been given by Healthcare Minister Dmitry Pinevich.

“This is one of the most pleasant traditions introduced by our President: to congratulate the babies born on the New Year night. We are giving gifts from the Head of State to them. Baby Aleksandr became the tenth child in the family, and the other two new-borns were the fourth in their families. This is a visible example of the impact of politics on the creation of large families. The latter enjoy a great number of benefits in Belarus, and among them are a long maternity leave, a maternity capital, and housing benefits,” Mr. Pinevich said.

By the way, there have been almost twice as many new-borns on the New Year night in the country than last year. Moreover, girls predominate, and this is a good sign. Peace and children's laughter are symbols of well-being.