Posted: 12.02.2024 16:30:00

Myanmar's self-proclaimed government introduced mandatory military service for young people

Myanmar's self-proclaimed government has introduced mandatory military service for all young people, Reuters reports with reference to the country’s state media


All men aged 18-35 and women aged 18-27 must serve for up to two years, and specialists – like doctors aged up to 45 – for up to three years. In an ongoing state of emergency, the service life can be extended to five years.

"The duty to safeguard and defend the nation extends beyond just the soldier but to all citizens. So I want to tell everyone to proudly follow this people's military service law,” Major General, Zaw Min Tun said.

Since October 2023, the Tatmadaw military has suffered losses in fighting a co-ordinated offensive by an alliance of three ethnic minority insurgent groups.